Why do you need SOUTH1?

The Marketing Society conducted interviews with approximately 50 leading global CEOs in 2013 to understand the key skills required for a successful chief executive. As expected, many of these skills relate to leadership and people skills. However, one of the top 8 skills was: ‘Take risks, but don’t bet the company’.

Risk vs return is a pivotal concept in ensuring business success, and SOUTH1 are perfectly positioned to weigh-up these two conflicting concepts through the use of their technical capability and technological infrastructure. One of SOUTH1’s partners has also passed an actuarial course specific to Enterprise Risk Management.

Through SOUTH1’s involvement, executives will be able to mould their strategy to ensure an optimal balance of risk vs return.

In addition, South1 consists of actuaries that have a business management mindsight through their training and experience in assisting a variety of organisations to review their strategy and turn around their longer term outcomes.

Technical capability is therefore balanced with an understanding of key business challenges such that advice is contextualised.

Finally, financial success is often achieved through ensuring the efficiency of business processes that are in place. Through the use of complex analytical techniques SOUTH1 can interrogate what is required to optimise the use of resources by an organisation in carrying out their day to day business.


Any organisation that is seeking to better understand its long term prospects and improve these through reviewing strategy and the efficiencies within their business.



Deep understanding of risk through actuarial training

Business mind-set

Highly developed analytical capability.

What can SOUTH1 do for you?

Below are examples of areas where SOUTH1 can be of value

  • Project assessment – return on investment reviews
  • Process optimisation (including staff structure optimisation)
  • Price optimisation
  • Sustainability reviews and recovery plans
  • Mergers and due diligence exercises
  • Business intelligence platforms
  • Business plans
  • Development of risk registers and risk reporting framework


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